What is TOBRACEF for ?

TOBRACEF is indicated in the treatment of :- Lower respiratory tract infections,  Serious central-nervous-system infections (meningitis) Intra-abdominal infections, including peritonitis, Skin, bone, and skin structure infections, Complicated and recurrent urinary tract infections , Bacterial Septicemia in the pediatric patient and adult Gynecological Infections.

What are available strengths of TOBRACEF ?

TOBRACEF is available in 2 strengths:- 560 mg & 1.120 g

Dose of TOBRACEF Adult :- 1.120 g BID

Why do we need FDC like TOBRACEF ?

Lower respiratory tract infections, Pre-post operative infections, Septicemia, Skin & soft tissue infections, urinary tract infections, bacterial otitis media, bone and joint infections, meningitis and other severe bacterial infections are major cause of mortality in mainly debilitated, hospitalized patients, neutropenic, and immuno suppressed patients. Thus there was a strong urge of finding potential therapy for these conditions. With the extensive use of third and fourth generation cephalosporins & aminoglycosides as an important component of empirical therapy in intensive care units and high risk wards, resistance to these drugs has become a major problem all over the world. Resistance has developed in bacteria by possessing extended spectrum beta-lactamases (ESBLs), capable of hydrolyzing these newer cephalosporins.

To address this challenge a team of scientists at VENUS MEDICINE RESEARCH CENTRE had extensively studied the solution for failure of different regimens worldwide and come out with a unique remedy TOBRACEF as an effective measure to combat a specific resistance mechanism of beta-lactamase producing organisms as well as provides synergy against wide range of bacteria. which is essential to guide empiric as well as appropriate therapy of life threatening infections in hospitalized and out patients.

LINK :-www.venusmedicineresearchcentre.com

Whether safety evaluation of this product has been done/not ?

Extensive studies have been done for safety evaluation of this product. These studies have been published in reputed Journals such as Current Drug Safety, UK, Journal of Nature Conservation etc.

What is the IP status of TOBRACEF ?

TOBRACEF has got patent in South Africa and is  under consideration in many countries.

Is there any special precaution for storage of TOBRACEF ?

TOBRACEF in the dry state should be stored between 20°– 25°C and protected from light.

Who makes TOBRACEF ?

TOBRACEF is a research product of Venus Remedies Limited.

Manufactured in India by Venus Remedies Limited( Link)www.venusremedies.com Unit-II: Hill Top Industrial Estate Jharmajri EPIP Phase-1(Extension) Bhatoli Kalan Baddi(HP).